Cat & Dog Boarding Preparation

For most people, getting to leave for vacation is such an exciting thing! However, for pet owners, there can be a lot of stress associated with leaving town. Where will you take your pup? What will she need? Will she be ok? The most important thing you can do is to research extensively about your options and visit each location before you make a final choice. You want to be comfortable with the facilities, staff, pricing, and with how the animals are handled. You can choose to look at boarding at a veterinary clinic or at a doggy daycare facility in Marinette, WI. It’s all your preference and what you’re comfortable with.

dog boarding preparation in marinette, wiOnce you’ve picked the best option for you and your best friend, it’s time to think about what to pack. Dogs and cats both have a hard time with changes in their routines and environment. The goal during packing should be to make sure your best friend is as comfortable as possible while you’re gone. So, what to pack?


This might not be as important if you’ve left your dog previously and you know that they were ok. It also might now be as important for just daycare. However, some pets have a really hard time being left without their owners and their appetite can really suffer. If you’re going to be gone for a week, you want to make sure your dog will eat and stay healthy. It’s best to pre-portion your pet’s meals and make sure that there’s enough for your pet’s entire stay.


If your dog takes daily medication or other supplements, you should make sure to include that in your pet’s bag. You don’t want to be in the situation where you’re hours away and your pet doesn’t have what he needs to stay healthy. To make things easy, include written instructions and any tips that might be useful in administering the medication. You should also consider pre-portioning the medication so that it’s simple for the staff. Any little thing you can do to help will make your pet’s stay easy!

Favorite toys

Most kennels and boarding facilities will have plenty of fun toys for your dog or cat to play with. But, most of our furry friends have at least one or two toys that they absolutely need in order to be happy. This could be a favorite stuffed toy, their Kong, or any other couple of toys that you know will make them so happy while you’re gone.

Required documents

Each boarding facility will have their own specific necessary forms. Usually vaccination records, contracts, and rule acknowledgment forms are required before your pet gets to stay. Make sure you have everything in order including emergency contact information.

Something from home

In order for your dog or cat to be as comfortable as possible while you’re gone, it would be a good idea to include a blanket or t-shirt or something special with your scent on it. This will make them feel more at home and loved while you’re away.

As stressful as it is to leave your dog while you’re getting ready for a vacation or trip, making sure you’re happy with the boarding facility and that your pet is well packed will keep your mind at ease.