When to See an Emergency Vet in Marinette, WI

Do you have a pet? Do you sometimes find yourself wondering when you should take your pet to the emergency vet? Have you had situations in the past when you’ve been uncertain as to whether or not you made the right call about this?

emergency vet in marinette, wi

Deciding when to take your pet to the emergency vet can be a daunting task, and sometimes you only have a few minutes to make the right decision. Because of this, it’s important to familiarize yourself with common pet emergency situations before they happen, so you’ll better know how to respond if anything goes wrong with your pet in the future.

In the article below, you’ll find out more information about when to see an emergency vet. Remember that this guide is only intended to help you choose, not to tell you what to do. Only you and your vet know what’s best for your pet. Feel free to call Town & Country Veterinary Clinic at (715) 735-9511.

Acute traumatic injuries

If your pet suffers from an acute traumatic injury, they will need to go to the emergency vet right away. Acute traumatic injuries can include attacks from other animals or accidents involving vehicles, although they may include a variety of other problems that can affect pets too.

Even if your pet seems okay after something like this happens, it’s best to take them to the emergency vet. This way, the vet will be able to tell whether or not your pet has suffered any internal injuries or has any internal bleeding.

Anaphylactic reactions in Marinette, WI

Pets who are severely allergic to insect bites or stings, snake bites, or even food ingredients or plants may develop anaphylactic reactions or go into anaphylactic shock due to their allergies. If this happens, your pet will have a rapid heart rate and may run a fever. They may also have severe swelling at the location of the bite or sting. The most common symptom of anaphylaxis in pets is swelling of the snout and face.

Take your pet to the emergency vet if you notice any of these signs related to an allergy, as your pet’s condition may quickly deteriorate if left untreated.

Worsening of known conditions

If your pet has a known health problem, such as cancer or heart disease, you should take them to the emergency vet if this known condition worsens suddenly. This may mean that your pet needs to be considered for euthanizing, depending on the severity of his condition and how far it has progressed; however, it may also mean that your pet needs emergency vet care to get back to their usual self.

If you do need to take your pet in to the emergency vet for known conditions, be sure to tell the emergency vet as much as you can about your pet’s health on arrival.

Inability to breathe well

Pets who are unable to breathe well or at all need to see an emergency vet. Both situations are critical ones, but a pet who cannot breathe at all needs immediate emergency vet care and may also need pet CPR depending on the problem.

If your pet cannot breathe well or cannot breathe at all, they may have inhaled or ingested a foreign object that is now stuck in his throat or nasal cavity. They may also have a serious health condition or could have eaten a toxin that is preventing them from breathing properly.

Difficulty rousing

Difficulty rousing may mean that your pet is very lethargic or is too weak to stand up. On the other hand, this condition may also mean that your pet is unconscious or is suffering from frequent, repeated seizures. All of these situations mean that something is wrong and needs to be taken care of right away.

If your pet is not able to be roused or cannot be woken up, contact the emergency vet and ask another adult in your household for help moving your pet to your vehicle.

If you ever have any doubts, it’s best to take your pet to the emergency vet rather than waiting. And of course, you should always go with your first instinct. If you feel that your pet is having an emergency situation, even if they don’t show the obvious signs of emergency problems, then don’t hesitate to take them to the emergency vet right away.

Remember that you should always take time to find the best local emergency vet—as well as a good quality backup—before an emergency strikes. This way, you won’t be scrambling to find the best veterinary care in the middle of a crisis, and you’ll know who to contact without having to waste precious minutes looking for information.