Pet Orthopedic Surgeries at Town and Country Veterinary Clinic

Welcome to Town and Country Veterinary Clinic’s Orthopedic Surgery Department, where we provide orthopedic care for your pets. Our skilled veterinary surgeon, Dr. Kurt, is dedicated to improving the quality of life for your furry friends through a range of specialized orthopedic procedures. Using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, we ensure the best outcomes for our patients.

Explore our comprehensive orthopedic services below:

Luxating Patella Repairs

Luxating patella, or dislocated kneecap, is a frequent issue in small breed dogs, causing lameness and discomfort. Dr. Kurt specializes in luxating patella repairs, a surgical procedure to realign the kneecap and prevent future dislocations. By addressing this condition, we help your pet regain comfortable and stable movement, enhancing their overall well-being and mobility.

Cruciate Repairs - TTA & Extra Capsular

Cruciate ligament injuries are common in dogs, leading to pain and mobility issues. At Town and Country Veterinary Clinic, we offer advanced cruciate repairs using Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) and Extra Capsular techniques. These procedures stabilize the knee joint, reduce pain, and restore function, helping your pet return to an active lifestyle. Our experienced team provides personalized care, ensuring optimal recovery and long-term joint health.

Fracture Fixations - Plates, Pins & Wires

Accidents can lead to fractures in your pet’s bones, requiring precise surgical intervention. We provide fracture fixations using advanced techniques with plates, pins, and wires. These methods ensure proper alignment and stabilization of the broken bones, promoting effective healing and swift recovery. Trust our expert team to deliver compassionate and expert care for your pet’s orthopedic injuries.

Femoral Head Ostectomies

Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO) is a specialized procedure to alleviate hip pain in pets suffering from severe arthritis or hip dysplasia. This surgery involves the removal of the femoral head, creating a false joint that eliminates bone-on-bone contact and pain. Dr. Kurt’s expertise in FHO ensures that your pet can enjoy pain-free movement and improved quality of life post-surgery.


In certain cases, amputation may be the best option to alleviate severe pain or treat life-threatening conditions such as cancer. At Town and Country Veterinary Clinic, we approach amputations with the utmost care and compassion. Dr. Kurt and our team provide comprehensive pre- and post-operative support, ensuring your pet adjusts well and continues to live a happy, active life with three limbs.

Why Choose Us?

At Town and Country Veterinary Clinic, we understand that your pets are family. Our commitment to excellence in veterinary care ensures that they receive the best possible treatment for their orthopedic needs. With advanced surgical techniques, a highly skilled team, and a compassionate approach, we are dedicated to enhancing your pet’s health and well-being.

Call us (715) 735-9511 to learn more about our orthopedic services or to schedule a consultation. Let us help your pet live a pain-free and active life.